Pioneer Finance BD Limited

 Portfolio Management
 Issue Management
 Investment Advisory Services
 Investment Advisory Services
 Annual Return Program.
This scheme allows you to receive higher return on your investment. This will allow the investor to realize a lump sum profit on a yearly basis.
 Double Return Program .
This scheme doubles the deposit within a predetermined tenure. Ideal for investors who are planning for their future.

 Triple Return Program .
This scheme triples the deposit within a predetermined tenure. Ideal for investors who are planning for their business and family’s future.  Monthly Earner Program
This scheme provides an attractive option for depositors who want to enjoy extra income each month from their investment in order to meet current expenses.

 Quarterly Earner Program .
This scheme is an extended version of MEP with the aim to meet recurring expenses at intervals throughout the year.  Profit First Program
This scheme is an attractive option for depositors who want to enjoy profit at the beginning of their investment.
 Attractive return on investment.
 Minimum deposit amount is BDT 50,000.
 Nomination facility.
 Personal Loan up to 90% of deposit amount.
 Prompt customer service.
 0.10% higher rate of return in all kinds of deposits for senior citizens.
 Lease Finance .

We offer lease finance facilities to our clients to assist them procuring capital machineries and equipment from both local and foreign sources. This facility is mostly extended for a period of 2-5 years as per our customers’ requirement and convenience of their payment.
 Term Lending
Our clients benefit from our short and long term finance facilities to modernize and expand their businesses and also meet their requirement for long term permanent working capital. The facility is offered for 1-5 years mostly to be repaid in equal monthly/quarterly/yearly installments.
 Syndicate Finance .
GSPB organizes and participates in syndicate finances to support establishment of large projects in consortium to foster industrial development in Bangladesh.

 Secured Loan
We recognize the emergency of your finance requirement. This offer will enable you to meet your immediate financing needs at competitive interest rates against your fund deposited to us.
 SME Finance

As a key player in the finance industry in Bangladesh, we understand the importance of Small & Medium Enterprise (SMEs) to grow towards our national economic development. We provide tailor-made services to our SME clients and assure flexibility, reliability and financial progress when we are of your priority.
 Women Entrepreneurs Loan
We offer term loan to women entrepreneurs to expand and operate their business at desired level for the purpose of meeting working capital requirements and / or purchasing fixed assets.
 Bridge/Equity Finance

We assist our clients raising money during their inception of business or to support their ongoing operation for an upcoming cash outflow. This offer is a custom-made service extended to our institutional customers